totus consulting was founded in June 2000. For close to twenty years now, totus has been working with high growth entrepreneurs large and small as well as large corporates. totus consulting has made a unique contribution to its clients in many areas like:

1. Offering counsel on strategic HR issues

2. enhancing the HR function’s effectiveness

3. making their organisations effective through customized Organisation Development interventions

4. Enhancing leadership through bespoke leadership development solutions

As a boutique consulting firm, we have remained close to our clients, focused on execution, sharing insights and building lasting relationships.

Since its inception totus has completed over 300 client engagements for over 150 clients across several industry verticals.

totus consulting has also served as the platform to incubate and launch CFI which is today a leading institution for coaching and leadership development.

As the world of business changes rapidly and the HR function responds to adapt to these changes, totus is also constantly changing to stay compellingly relevant and fresh in its offerings and it’s thought.

totus consulting’s current passion is to add value to Indian businesses in two critical and impactful areas:

1. develop leadership talent


2. enhance top team effectiveness