totus helps  find answers to two very important questions that keep entrepreneurs, CEOs and boards awake at night:

1. what are the philosophical orientations, policies and practices that will help me build depth of leadership talent

2. what can we do to make our top team more effective?

Developing leadership talent

For growing organisations, developing leaders is not about signing up for an event. It is about making personal changes at the top, embracing a new philosophical orientation, making changes to some of its policies and practices so that the ground for the development of leaders becomes fertile.

It is our view that the right management practices and not mere programs that are necessary for leaders to become available.

With years of experience working with businesses, we can work closely with organisations and their top teams to help them adopt the right policies and practices that will help them develop their leaders from within.


Specific offerings

1. Craft the right talent management policies and practices around internal mobility and growth into higher positions

2. Craft practices to measure performance and potential and through that identify potential leaders

3. Craft processes for discussions about talent as well as skills to have developmental conversations with those identified as talent.

4. Offer bespoke leadership development solutions in partnership with CFI.

Our solutions go beyond leadership training programs and offer guidance to help create the ground for leaders to develop.

Top team effectiveness

The task of leadership is all important and carried out not just by a single person but by the top team.

For the task of leadership to be effectively fulfilled, this team needs to work together effectively.

The task of leadership starts with clarifying purpose or direction and then aligning all the people towards that common destination, and then securing results and of course maintaining the climate and the resultant commitment of employees.

With years of experience of working with top teams, we can work with the Promoter or Managing Director / CEO to support her or him in these crucial tasks of leadership.


Specific offerings

1. We help enhance the level of trust within the Executive committees or Leadership Councils, enhance their ability to coordinate and cooperate and then go on to collaborate on matters of shared importance. This is accomplished through a combination of facilitation and group coaching.

2. We help top teams reinvent their vision or shared purpose or craft the preferred future or design and implement planned change. This is accomplished through change-facilitation.

Our work is bespoke, keeping in mind the unique needs of each organisation.