When the Quintessential HR person sets out to find some answers…
  • Why does HR as a function evoke such strong and varied emotions among people?
  • Given the rapid advancement in the profession, should the term HR be redefined?
  • Why does the quality of the function depend so much on the way it is positioned within the organization?
  • What shapes a CEO’s attitude towards HR?
  • Should HR professionals focus on doing, feeling or thinking?
  • What are the big demands on HR today and in times to come?
  • How does one advance in HR?

If these and other practical questions keep cropping up in your mind, this book is certainly the place to find answers. Shorn of all the theory, this book raises and answers some fundamental and practical questions about the function and the functionary and also augments it with some shining examples from Indian organizations.

Written by practitioners with deep first hand HR experience, “HR Here and Now” is a thought provoking book set firmly in the Indian context.



This book is a collection of 25 inspiring stories about the unique and personal developmental journey of 25 senior leaders towards the corner office. Seen through the eyes of their Executive Coaches, each of these stories tell us how they found answer to critical questions like am I ready for it, how do I prepare to get there, how do I learn to succeed once I get there and how can I enjoy the journey while I am at it. The term “corner office” is really a metaphor for anything significant that these leaders wanted to achieve in their professional careers and personal lives.

What makes these stories most educative is the manner in which these 25 leaders went about finding answers to these critical questions. They recognised that the answers to these questions were unique to them and their context. They also recognised that the journey to find these answers was very personal and intimate.

hey however realised that it need not be lonely. Each of them chose to engage in a trust based helping relationship with an Executive Coach who respected them, listened to them, understood them, asked the right questions to help them gain clarity, challenged them to see their reality differently and supported them in finding those answers and finally put them to use.

They leveraged the helping relationship that was extended to them to solve their problems and realise their unused potential. In the process they left behind their candid and fascinating stories which have helped us unearth twenty four leadership insights collectively cover the three broad developmental contexts – developing competencies, making transitions and addressing executive and entrepreneurial agendas.

This unique collection of coaching stories is meant to inspire, help and educate many, many other leaders who are on a similar quest.


India’s rapid economic growth has led to abundant prosperity for employees. Unfortunately, this growth and prosperity has brought socio-cultural shifts that are posing several psychological problems. Over a period of time these will become counter productive for organisations that are, today, thriving on the efforts of this work force.

To help deal with personal and work related psychological problems employees have so far relied on the rich family support system. Friends and informal mentors too have been a major support. As employees migrate to work in other cities, embrace a global identity and become more individualistic, they are leaving behind these support systems. Counsellors and coaches can help, but they are yet to gain widespread acceptance.

To address these lacunae and the impending productivity loss Managements’ are obligated to create a helping organisation. This book presents a refreshingly new approach to helping tomorrow’s work force today through a 5 – layer helping model.

By creating a Helping Organisation CEOs, HR directors, and managers will discover a path breaking and practical approach to promote employee performance, growth and well being.

Creating a Helping Organisation is a refreshingly new approach to engaging tomorrow’s workforce!

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